Types Of RVs

3 Types of RV’s

There are only 3 types or categories of RV’s available today in the market. Each type has its own unique characteristics that make it a little more advantageous for the several types of Rving you might me interested in, depending on if you are vacationing or living in you RV, either full time or part of the year. Here you will find the diverse types of RV’s and the articles that are helpful to new and seasoned RVers alike.

RVs are a wonderful way to vacation or live full time all year or full-time part of the year. Either way RVs give people a unique way of experiencing the world than traveling by plane and staying in hotels. RVs become a part of your home on wheels, going where you want to go and when you want to go.

Motorized RVs

Motorhomes are the most expensive of the RVs, and are best suited for traveling frequently, as the front cabin can access the living quarters without getting out of the vehicle. They range in size of a small van to the size of a semi-trailer.

Towable RVs

Travel trailers are probably the most popular of all the RVs on the market. The price point and size can go from very small to fairly large and roomy. The shapes and sizes can be either pop up or tear drop to a 5th wheel style, with lots of room.

Park Model RV

More like a small cabin than an RV. This type is designed to be towed to a location and left all season to enjoy. It has all the same features of other RVs.

What’s each type of RV Suited for?

Every RV manufactured, have the typical characteristic of sleeping quarters, cooking facility and bathroom facilities, unless you get into the super small RVs such as pop ups and teardrop type of trailers. Normally, every model of RV is suited for any kind of RV camping and traveling, unless it is so small it lacks a bathroom and kitchen. As there really is no specific parameters of what is acceptable or not. Living full time, or an extended part time stay in an RV, the smallest would be a caravan type or Class B motorhome with a bathroom is probably the smallest one would consider staying in. Motorized RVs tend to be better for multiple stop extended travel type of vacation such as traveling across Canada or America. While, towable are slanted more for the park and stay type of camping where you might visit a campground for a few days to weeks and unhook your towing vehicle and use it for short trips to the town or going somewhere else.

all categories

All RV’s

All Rv’s have something in common, and that they are like a small homes on wheels. Designed for vacationing at locations that are different from your daily life in the place you live. They have been around since the early 1900’s and have evolved over the years. Today all generations alive are enjoying RVing.

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