8 Awesome Small Fiberglass Travel Trailers With Bathrooms

Fiberglass travel trailers are an excellent option for singles or couples who don’t need a lot of space and may want to travel light or have towing restrictions. However, a bathroom may be on your must-have list for your travel trailer. This could be a wet bath or a dry bath. If you are not sure how RV bathrooms work check out this link.

If you have already decided you want a small fiberglass trailer, and really need a bathroom, here are 7 small fiberglass travel trailers to consider in your search for that perfect fit.

  • Bigfoot 25B25FB
  • Oliver Legacy Elite II
  • Escape 19 Travel Trailer
  • Airstream-nest
  • Trillium
  • Scamp
  • Icamp elite
  • Northern Lite

Deciding on a Fiberglass Trailer

Molded fiberglass travel trailers have advantages over other travel trailers, if you are seriously considering one you can read up about them here. So how do you choose which fiberglass trailer is the right one for you? The truth is, there really isn’t a single one that will fit everyone’s needs. Read on to learn the different aspects and features of each of the trailers listed above. They are all great units for the right family. In the end, you need to weigh what your needs are as well as your primary usage.

Bigfoot 25B25FB

The Bigfoot 25B25FB is one of the fiberglass trailers that features a full-sized bathroom. This contains a separate shower and toilet as well as a sink for washing up. There is a power fan located overhead on the roof of the unit.

The trailer does not have a bathtub. However, the stand-up shower is equipped with a solid sliding door to keep the water contained when in use. There is also plenty of storage space on the sink vanity. A large medicine cabinet is located overhead.

Another great feature of this trailer is the toilet. It has a foot pedal flushing system so there is no need to be touching it with your hands.

Some of our features of this bathroom are:

  • Full-sized bathroom
  • Solid shower door
  • Foot pedal flush system on toilet
  • Lots of storage space
  • Counter space beside the sink

Some of the things we didn’t like about this are:

  • No bathtub

While not having a bathtub may not be a problem for some singles or couples, if you are taking along any young children that need to be washed up before bed, you may want to consider this factor.

Oliver Legacy Elite II

Image Source: olivertraveltrailers(dot)com

The Oliver Legacy is another unit that contains a full-sized bathroom which features a toilet, sink, and a shower. It’s set up as a wet bath meaning there is no separation between the shower area and the rest of the room. The toilet and sink will both get wet when the shower is used. However, there’s no need to worry as nothing built into this room will become damaged from the water. Underneath the sink, there is a convenient area to hang up extra towels or washcloths.

Some of the things we like about this bathroom are:

  • Small
  • Compact
  • Has a shower, toilet, and sink

Some of our dislikes are:

  • No storage drawers or medicine cabinet
  • No bathtub

Even though this bathroom is small, you need to remember that the entire trailer is quite compact. It still offers all the basics needed in a bathroom. The only major downside is you will likely need to dry the room after use so that the next person to enter won’t step in water when using the facilities.

Escape 19 Travel Trailer

This fiberglass trailer has an enclosed wet bath complete with a shower. The hose for this is hooked up to the sink. To use, simply start the water in the sink until it is up to the temperature you desire. Next, pull the release button to start the shower nozzle instead of the faucet, and away you go!

There is a fan hooked up to the roof vent on this unit as well as a window that can be opened to increase airflow in the room. Above the toilet is a mirrored medicine cabinet which is great for shaving while you shower. It also offers additional storage space.

Some of our favorite features about this bathroom are:

  • Contains a sink, toilet, and shower
  • Convenient mirror/medicine cabinet combination
  • Window that opens
  • Roof fan

Some of the disadvantages are:

  • Slightly cramped
  • Will need to dry area before anyone can use the toilet or sink
  • Not a lot of storage space
  • No counter space

The sink is in the corner of the bathroom but is mounted directly to the wall. This space could be utilized a bit better if it had some sort of shelf underneath. The medicine cabinet isn’t very deep either meaning you’ll need to find an area outside of the bathroom to store items such as your towels.


Image Source: airstream(dot)com

The Airstream Nest is another wet bathroom that we are looking at. This one contains a shower and toilet. There is a small sliver of counter space, just wide enough to hold a few small items such as a razor for saving while you shower. One of the more unique aspects about this one is the three holes built into this countertop which will hold bottles of shampoo, shaving gel, or even lotion. Whatever suits you best!

There is a mirror as well as a window. Underneath the counter area is a small cabinet that is perfect for your toothbrush and a few other small items you may need in your bathroom.

Some of the best features of this one are:

  • Contains a toilet and shower
  • 3 bottle holders so your items will not fall while traveling
  • Storage cabinet
  • Mirror
  • Window

Some things we don’t like are:

  • No sink
  • Not much counter space

Even though the bathroom doesn’t have a sink, you still have one in the kitchen area to make up for it. You’ll simply need to get used to washing your hands in another room from where the toilet is located. The good news is that this gives you more legroom for when you’re in the bathroom.


Trillium Outback Trailers are unique in that it’s easy to pick the design and features that you want the most directly from the website. Every option you choose adds to the price so that you can ensure everything you need in a camper while still being able to make sacrifices to get the price to a point that suits you.

A bathroom with a flush toilet as well as an extended counter is no exception to this rule. It is separated from the rest of the camper by a curtain. As well, there is additional cupboard space inside for any of your storage needs.

Some of the pros are:

  • Extra cupboard space
  • Extra counter space
  • Contains a toilet

Some of the cons include:

  • Not much privacy (the room is only separated by a curtain)
  • No sink or bathtub
  • No shower

This is a very basic bathroom meant only for only one thing. For many people out camping, a shower isn’t a necessity. You can however choose to add an outdoor shower onto this unit. This still gives you the option to clean up real quick but you may need to invest in a curtain as well for privacy.


The Scamp is another compact trailer equipped with a wet bath. This one is quite small but still offers both a shower and a toilet. A solid door closes for privacy when using the toilet but there is also a curtain to separate the shower area.

Some of the things we like about this one are:

  • Doesn’t take up much space in the camper
  • Contains both a shower and a toilet
  • A small window which opens for airflow

Some of the cons are:

  • No additional storage space in the bathroom
  • No sink

This entire camper is very small and compact. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing depending on what your needs are. It does mean that they didn’t spare a lot of area when installing this bathroom. However, you are still given the 2 basics that are needed. You will just have to wash your hands in the kitchen after use.

Icamp Elite

The Icamp elite has a wet bathroom complete with a toilet, shower and a sink. The great thing about this bathroom is that there is also plenty of storage space. Not only is there an overhead storage cabinet above the sink but also additional space on the vanity itself.

The window above slides open to provide airflow. You can also find a towel rack for easy access. You will get these cabinets wet when you shower and will probably want to dry the room as the next person who needs to use it will get wet once they enter.

Some great features about this bathroom are:

  • Full bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower
  • Opening window
  • Plenty of cupboard space

Some things we don’t like about it are:

  • Not much counter space
  • Any towel on the rack will get wet when the shower is used

This is a great little camper, but you may way to keep your towel outside the door when you’re showering. That way you can easily reach it but won’t need to worry about it getting too wet beforehand.

Northern Lite

courtesy of northern lite

Northern Lite has recently proposed a new Boreal 23FB which we are going to give you a little preview of as well! This is set up to have a spacious bathroom. The shower will be full-sized to provide you the luxury of washing up without being too cramped.

There will also be extra cabinet space inside the room for you to conveniently store all your bathroom supplies in one place. There will also be a separate toilet and sink.

Some of the great things about this camper are:

  • It is a dry bath, so the shower will not get the rest of the room wet
  • Also contains a toilet and sink
  • Extra cabinet space

Some dislikes are:

  • No bathtub

Once it hits the market, this will truly be an ideal fiberglass trailer for either singles, couples, or even a small family. If you don’t have a bathtub as an essential asset for your new camper, you will find this bathroom offers all that you need.


So, there you have our list of 7 great fiberglass trailers with bathrooms. Now all you need to do is decide what your priorities are. Do you just want a place for a quick clean up or to use the washroom? Or do you need to have that extra cabinet space? Hopefully this article will help you out with that choice. Happy camping!

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