What Can You Fit Into A Toy Hauler? Answered!

Virtually anything that will fit within the garage of your specific Toy hauler that weighs less than the carrying capacity of the RV. A small travel trailer toy hauler like the SylvanSport Go has a short 7’ garage space and can carry up to 1,000 lbs.

With that capacity you can take two dirt bikes, one ATV, three or four mountain bikes, or 3 or 4 kayaks with you. With the largest toy haulers, you can carry up to 2 sides by sides or a combination of side by sides, motorcycles, golf carts, and ATVs.

How Large Is A Toy Hauler Garage?

Your typical toy hauler garage will be about 7 feet tall, 8 feet wide and 8 to 14 feet long. Garages up to 20’ in length, or longer, are available although you may have to track down a specialty or custom builder to accommodate those needs.

How Much Weight Can A Toy Hauler Carry?

Small toy haulers may be limited to 1,000 lbs or less but the most standard size and larger toy haulers will carry 3,000 – 5,000 lbs. Keep in mind that number is the total carrying capacity for the RV which is calculated by subtracting the empty vehicle weight from the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR).

If your carrying capacity is 3000 lbs and you put a 2900 lb toy in the garage then you will only have 100 lbs left for groceries, dishes, clothes, water, fuel, batteries, propane, etc. It’s important to understand carrying capacities, GVWR, hitch weights, etc. when selecting the proper toy hauler for your needs.

Can You Fit A Car In A Toy Hauler?

A car can certainly fit in many toy haulers. The biggest factor will be the size of the car. There’s a huge difference between a Mini Cooper or Mazda Miata and a 1960 Lincoln Continental. The smaller modern cars will still require a 14-foot garage space, but at well under 3,000 lbs.

Most toy haulers with garage space that large can accommodate them. Larger cars will obviously require larger garages and higher GVWRs for the toy hauler. If your toy is a larger car, a specialized race car trailer with living space maybe your best option.

Can You Fit A Jeep In A Toy Hauler?

A Jeep can fit into some toy haulers. More specifically, a 2022 Jeep Wrangler in stock form is 14 – 16 feet long, just over 6 feet tall and wide, and weighs between 4,000 and 4,500 lbs dry. To haul that you would need a toy hauler with a 16 – 18′ garage with a carrying capacity of well over 5,000 lbs.

There are units out there with those specs, but they will be large 5th wheels. You’ll also need a beefy tow vehicle like the 2022 Ford F350 turbo diesel with short rear end gearing and a dually rear axle.

If your Wrangler is heavily modified with a tall lift kit, oversized tires, or accessories like extended front push bars and winches then the overall dimensions could be significantly different than a stock Wrangler. In that case, it may or may not fit. If in doubt, take accurate measurements and check them against the specs for the toy hauler you are considering.

If your Jeep is another Jeep model or another year you can get your vehicle specs from the jeep.com website. Look for overall length, width, and curb weight for your specific model and year. Again, if it is modified you will likely have to take your own measurements.

Can You Fit A Rzr In A Toy Hauler?

Rzrs and most another side by sides will fit into a lot of different toy haulers assuming they are in stock configuration. A typical 2 seat Rzr is 6’ tall, 10’ long, and 5’ 4” wide at 1500 lbs. A 4 seater is the same width and height but stretched to just over 12’ in length and 2500 lbs. These are general sizes, consult the manufacturer’s site for your specific model.

Given these specs, most travel trailer toy haulers with a 12’ garage can easily haul the single-seater. The 4 seaters will need a 14’ garage and the heavier weight may seriously limit what else you can take with you in a travel trailer toy hauler. Going to a 5th wheel will give you more carrying capacity with either size and would be a big help with the 4 seaters. If you plan on hauling two of these, you’ll be limited to a large garage 5th wheel.

Adding larger tires, tall lift kits, etc. can put the height and/or width specs of these vehicles outside the size range of a toy hauler garage. If you have these modifications or plan to add them then you’ll need to take appropriate measurements to see if they will still fit in the garage space you have.

Can You Fit 2 Atvs In A Toy Hauler? 4 Wheelers & Quad Bikes)

ATVs are generally 8’ long or shorter and 48” wide or narrower. Most standard to large size garage toy haulers can accommodate two ATVs at the same time. Nearly all toy haulers will be able to carry at least one. Check your specific quad’s manufacturer specs for length, width, and weight to confirm it will fit.

Can You Fit 2 Motorbikes In A Toy Hauler?

Most standard-size or larger toy haulers can handle two or more motorcycles. The exception to that rule maybe some of the larger full dress street bikes or custom bikes with unique proportions. If your bikes are unusually large you’ll likely still be able to fit more than one in a toy hauler, you’ll just need a unit with a correspondingly large garage.

Can You Put A Snowmobile In A Toy Hauler?

Snowmobiles are toy hauler friendly. Most snowmobiles are under 12’ in length and less than 45” wide. That means you can probably fit two side by side in a 12’ toy hauler garage. Like everything else, you’ll have to check your specific model’s dimensions to confirm proper spacing for your specific garage.

Can You Fit A Couple Of Jet Skis On A Toy Hauler?

Jet skis pose an interesting problem for transport inside a toy hauler. While the jet skis themselves will easily fit in most toy hauler garages, carrying more than one will likely pose a problem. First, they come in two types: stand-up, and the more popular sit-down models.

These two types vary significantly in width, length, and weight. The stand-up units average 30” or less in width so fitting two side by side in an average toy hauler garage is certainly possible. They are also shorter in length, averaging just over 8’ or less so most toy hauler garages are long enough to accommodate them.

The sit-down models come in around 4’ in width and up to 12’ in length. There may be some specific models which can be placed side by side in a toy hauler garage, but others will be too wide. Check your model specs before trying to jam them in there. At 12’, there are several toy hauler models that have garages long enough to accept them. This is assuming you do not have them on a trailer, which is unlikely.

This leads to the second issue. Jet-skis are generally too heavy to transport without their own trailer. The lightest jet skis out there come in at around 400 lbs. A couple of guys could carry one a short distance to load into a truck bed or drop off at a very nearby boat launch.

If you have one of the heavier 1200 lb models then a trailer will be a must. Single jet ski trailers can easily fit inside a toy hauler garage. However, at about 5’ wide and 14’ long, fitting two into a toy hauler would be challenging. The shape of a single trailer would allow them to overlap the tongues by a good amount if you parked them inside facing opposite directions.

If you have a long enough garage and the right trailers, you may just fit two of them in there. Going to a standard width tandem trailer won’t help. While they are not much longer than a single trailer, they are typically over 8’ wide which is too wide for a toy hauler garage. There are “double narrow width PWC trailers” available on the market.

These achieve a narrow width by moving the wheels under the boats. This makes for a taller, but narrower trailer setup. They come in at around 6.5’ wide, which is narrow enough to fit in a toy hauler garage. if your jet skis are wider models you can still have an issue. Since they sit side by side on the trailer, their combined width can be greater than the trailer width and be too wide to fit into the garage.

Can You Put An Aluminum Boat In A Toy Hauler?

Boats are a common toy to bring along with you in a toy hauler. Aluminum boats like canoes and jon boats are popular options as are plastic boats like kayaks. These are generally exceptionally lightweight, weighing as little as 50 lbs each, so weight is usually not a limiting factor in taking these with you.

Length can be an issue. Most open water kayaks are at least 10 feet long with the most popular models being in the 12 – 16′ range. If you move up to a sea kayak, the lengths can get quite long, up to 18’ for a solo kayak or 26′ for a tandem. Boats of that length would require a specialized toy hauler to carry them inside.

One benefit of these lightweight boats is they do not require a trailer on their own. Kayaks, canoes, and even some flat-bottom boats can easily be carried from your toy hauler to a nearby boat launch. If the boat launch is further away, they can be placed on roof racks or in the bed of your tow vehicle for easy transport.

If your boat is heavier and requires a trailer then the size of the trailer will dictate whether it fits inside your toy hauler. There are several manufacturers of quality aluminum trailers that are under 18’ long and less than 6’ wide which can carry small boats up to 16’ long. These trailers will easily fit in an appropriate length toy hauler garage.

Can You Put Horses Or Livestock In A Toy Hauler?

The classical ‘toy haulers’ offered by most RV manufacturers are designed specifically for hauling mechanical beasts like ATVs, UTVs, and motorcycles. If your toys have fur and prefer grain over gas then you’ll need a specialized livestock travel trailer, 5th wheel, or motorhome.

These units are similar to their toy hauler cousins in that they have space dedicated for carrying your animals, typically in the rear of the unit, and another space set up for your living space. They differ largely in the “garage” area. Animals have many different needs than motorcycles and ATVs and these specialized trailers are designed to meet those needs.

They will have more windows for better ventilation as well as internal structure to provide for safe animal transport and feeding. They also tend to have lower deck heights for easier loading and unloading. The flooring is designed to be easily cleaned and sanitized. RVs of this type are available that can haul anywhere from one to eight horses.

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