What Are The Most Popular RV Types?

RVs have crossed into every demographic currently alive today. Roughly 1 in 5 owns an RV or 20% of the population. Ever wondered what are the most popular RVs or campers out there? Here is a list of the most popular RV types according to the RV Industries reported deliveries of new RV by sales. The most popular RV types are:

  • Travel Trailers
  • 5th Wheels
  • Class C
  • Class A

Travel trailers make up the largest section of RVs in the market that is shipped each year. Class C’s are preferred since they offer the same convenience as many Class A RVs but at a lower cost. Travel trailers are most chosen due to the lower price point and thus affordable to a wider range of people who are into RVing. Each type of RV has its advantages and disadvantages, but those may not be for you and your family.

Types Of RVs Available

There generally are two types of Recreational Vehicles available in the market. There are Motorhomes and towable trailers. Under each category, there are variant options available. Motorhomes are divided into Classes A, B, and C. Their size and cost do not vary in that order. While Class A is the largest and most exclusive RVs, Class C RVs are medium-sized.

Class B is the smallest of the motorhomes and is convenient and easy to use for smaller groups. Trailers, the most popular of all, come in various lengths and sizes for all types of families. Then there are the pop-up trailers and finally, the 5th wheel trailers that are towable. Each has its own advantages based on your family situation and camping style.


In this category is the typical trailer made most popular by airstream’s signature bubble-shaped design, which is still popular today. This design of RV is typically towed by a truck and can range from 18 feet all the way up to 40 feet. Though smaller RV trailers can be towed by some SUVs. These trailers are usually called hardware as compared to the other pop-up campers that are called soft walls. 

Hybrid Trailer

More recently, a new bread of trailer that has come on the scene in the last few years is a cross between the hardwall and the softwall. This model has the best space-to-weight ratio of the hard wall type trailers and is designed to be towed by a bigger car or SUV. They are on the small size in length when folded up for driving, at a length of 18 to 20 feet.

Tear Drop Trailers

Teardrops have been around for a long time. They are the smallest of all the towable trailers. They can be so small that they only have sleeping quarters. More recently some are equipped with an outdoor kitchen. These small RVs are lightweight and can be towed by most mid-sized cars. They usually weigh less than 1000 lbs. Some are so small they can even be towed by a motorcycle.

Pop Up Tent Trailers

More like a tent on a platform than an RV, which is more like a condo on wheels. Typically chosen by families that are just getting into camping by RVs. The price is more affordable than the hard-walled RVs, but they can get quite large when fully set up with the ability to sleep up to 8 people. Sound and limited temperature range of use is definitely a drawback of this kind of RV on the market. These models can be fairly small to the larger toy hauler sizes, which are equal in length to a mid-sized hard wall trailer.

5th Wheels

A trailer with a bi-level design that is larger than the typical travel trailer. It is towed by a truck with a fifth-wheel coupling similar to the ones on 18-wheel semis. The coupling is installed on the bed of the pickup truck. These models tend to be on the larger side of trailers and have more space on the inside.


Class C

Class C, on the other hand, varies from the most basic amenities to the most luxurious. They are also capable of towing smaller vehicles and can, therefore, be used for larger families. They range from 18 feet to 31 feet in length.

Class A

Class A RVs tend to have large spaces and rooms including kitchens, bedrooms, living quarters, washrooms, and other amenities that make them homes on wheels. They offer exclusive luxury, but at an equally steep cost. They range in size from 21 feet to 45 feet and can run on gas or Diesel. People typically tow a car with this model due to the limitations of the size this model brings, but really unmatched in luxury and space.

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Most Popular Brands For RVs

There are quite a number of RV manufacturers from Europe and North America. These have been present in the market for decades and are well known for producing some of the best RVs available. The topmost are Airstream, Winnebago, Tiffin, Jayco, and Oliver travel.


Airstream has been present in the market for more than 90 years now. They have sought to always maintain the stands and look of the original RVs while only making improvements and integrating modern technology. There has been very little change in the design and appearance of the RVs that are developed for functionality.

The company has been known to develop RVs that one can own for a lifetime. Some of the very original models are still seen on the streets as the company has carved out a niche for its reliability.  Airstream has also been very aggressive in staking out new territory, recently they have come out with a fiberglass model called The Nest. 

As well as been implementing some smart home features into their models as seen here in this video.


Since 1958 Winnebago has existed and created many models. A well-known name even today among the most novice of RVers. They have caved a name for the company as one that delivers quality in the campers that they manufacture. 


Tiffin is run as a family enterprise where the enterprising family tries to ensure that they build lasting relationships with their customers. They go out of their way to develop some of the finest RVs available and along with this ensure that they retain and satisfy their customers by closely listening to them. Go to them for a great camping experience and great family-like relationships.


In 1968 they set out to manufacture pop-up tent trailers and today they have a wide range of RVs. Jayco still manufactures tent trailers but has also added to the lineup of every single model on the market today. From trailers all the way to Class A motorhomes. It’s a family business that has remained intact since the beginning.

Oliver Travel

Oliver travel has a production plant in Tennessee, Nashville. They use a particular design where they apply four different fiberglass shells to develop the whole vehicle. A pair from the interior and a pair for the exterior, the fiberglass ensures that the vehicle is strong enough yet light and easy to tow along.

Don’t Forget To Have Fun

RVs and camping are certainly a fun way to spend the holidays with family. RVs enhance the experience during the trip. Selecting the best RV is a huge step that needs careful consideration. Getting to know the most popular RVs will certainly go a long way in helping you make the final choice. Do not forget to have fun while researching and even more fun once you get to choose your RV.

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