Rving is an activity that’s currently being enjoyed by every generation currently alive! 

Rving is something I have been doing with my family since I can walk. I remember fondly as a child waking up and going fishing or sitting by the campfire as the morning sun was just rising. The fresh air waffling across my face in the morning from the slit window of our RV as I lay in bed. Fast forward many years; a family, and I find that my wife and daughter has the same appreciation as I did when I was no older than my daughter is today. 

As I write this, I remember in the midst of our Canadian winter it was -40 outside. My daughter Theia as complaining, “when is this snow going to melt so we can go camping again?”, clearly frustrated that we are stuck indoors and we are many months away from our first camping trip in our motorhome.  Then as the snow melts in the brief break that we typically get in the winter and the snow recedes for a few weeks. “Can we go camping now, the snow is melted?” I smile. 

So what is so compelling about being in an RV? I think it is the connection and the time together as a family and creating experiences that become fond memories. And if you ask my daughter she will say that it is the roasted marshmallow by the campfire.  

Rving has become so many different things to people today, from full time living, to partial getaways. It is not surprising that RVing has touched every generation that is currently alive.  Noticed how campgrounds are now always full and there is a line up to get in? 

What I found was that I had lots of questions and I found myself doing plenty of research into different elements around RV’s and places. I’ve met lots of people and asked lots of questions. As I did the research and shared, I found that others had the same questions. This is my opportunity to share what I have learned along the way and hope that it can help others in their journey to make memories like mine. If you have any questions and want to get a hold of us, you can email us at info@rvchronicle.com

Good Camping!