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About Arthur Wong

Hi, I’m Arthur Wong and I have been camping and enjoying the great outdoors since I could walk. I’m passionate about RV’s, outdoor activities, from hiking, to fishing, and skiing. I love to cook and build things as much as anything else. I love learning and sharing what I have learned.

This site developed from my love of camping in my RV and the outdoors. I hope you find this information useful for you.

The information on this site reflects our opinion and is meant to help others. Use this site as one of many that you may use to conduct your research. Though we try our best to be error free, it will have errors in our content, spelling and punctuation. The information provided here is “As is” without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied. While we attempt for a good user experience, we cannot guarantee that the service will be perfect.

 If you have any questions and want to get a hold of us, you can email us at [email protected]

Good Camping!