The Best Cellular Hotspots, Boosters & Plans

The Best Cellular Hotspots, Boosters & Plans 1

The Best Mobile hotspots Hardware

There are many options to choose from today when looking for a mobile hotspot. However, many are not designed to give you optimum data download speeds when out camping somewhere. If you are in the city picking pretty much any mobile hotspot will do, but RVers face different challenges than someone who spends all of the time in the city. After reviewing many products on the market I can honestly say these are the best that I have seen.

MoFi Network [MOFI4500-4GXELTE-SIM4]

This hotspot is nothing like the others on the market. This one is designed to give you a serious data download. It has 4 antennas to get maximum connectivity. It uses the latest in technology to connect multiple bands of LTE simultaneously (LTE2) with just one sim card. The company boasts that this device can download 300 Mbps. Plus it has 4 ethernet plugs so you can connect directly into the device with your laptop. This model will work on all North American Cell providers, if you want to read up on it you can go here. The link for the product from Amazon can be found at a better price than the company here. You will definitely want an unlimited plan data plan, see below. Plus you will want to go with the upgraded antennas they recommend to get more speed.

The Best Cellular Hotspots, Boosters & Plans 2
The Best Cellular Hotspots, Boosters & Plans 3
The Best Cellular Hotspots, Boosters & Plans 4

The Best Cellular Hotspots, Boosters & Plans 5
The Best Cellular Hotspots, Boosters & Plans 6
The Best Cellular Hotspots, Boosters & Plans 5
The Best Cellular Hotspots, Boosters & Plans 6

External Antenna

If you are going to be somewhere that needs better connectivity, I would recommend getting two directional antennas and point it towards the nearest cell tower. Here is the list of equipment that you will need to set this up.

  • 2 Proxcast 9/11 dBi Ultra-Broadband LPDA high Gain – Link
  • 2 25 ft-loss Coax Extension Cable – Link
  • 1 YOTENKO 18pcs SMA Adapter Kit Standard SMA Male to SMA Female WiFi Antenna – Link
  • 1 Wilson 901117 pole mount for Antenna – Link

I’m looking for another solution that can be a rapid set up when at camp. I’ll update this article when I find a good solution.

Teltonika [RUT955 LTE 4G Router]

Here is another device from another company that is similar to the last product. The RUT955 LTE 4G Router has dual redundant SIM cards to allow for backup data connections. It comes with multiple antennas for LTE connectivity and WIFI connectivity in your RV. As well the unit comes with 4 ethernet ports to allow you to connect devices. The maximum data speed download of this device is 150 megabytes per second. (Mbps). 

Cellular Boosters

 The use of a cellular booster can also be helpful in getting better data reception and calls in places where there are no signals or just one bar and not enough to initiate a call or get any data. Although some places are just too far out of range for the typical 3db antenna to receive any data you will have to upgrade to a LPDA, yagi style antenna to get the connection. 

I’m currently using a fusion2go cell booster, though the weBoost 4G-X 470510 is also recommended. 

Data Providers

Net Buddy (USA)

Net Buddy is the company that I recommend as they give you unlimited data for a fixed price if you live in the USA. There are no contracts, no data caps, and no credit check. This is simply the best plan out there if you want to work in your RV or really like browsing on the internet when you are traveling. They use At&t as there provider for data and your data is never throttled so you will not experience any slowdown of data. Here is a link to Net Buddy for the current price.

Data Providers in Canada (Updated)

Unfortunately, Canada does not provide unlimited data solutions. The best solutions for connectivity and coverage is to go with either Telus or Bell or their discount providers such as Koodo (Telus) or Virgin Mobile (Bell). The best plans I have seen is for data that is over 10 gigs a month from the discount providers.

UPDATE: As of June 2019, Bell and Rogers have offered unlimited plans, although they are throttled down after a prescribed amount of data. Both Plans start at $75 to bring your own device. The plan from Rogers is 10 gigs at LTE speeds and then is throttled down to 3G speeds for the remaining. The plan with Bell is at 15 gigs then is also throttled down to 3G speeds after the 15 gigs. Although their website advertises 10 gigs. If you want to spend more each month you can move up to 50 gigs of LTE data for $125 a month.  I took Bell up on their offer for $75 at 15 gigs of data, I think it was the better deal and they offered better coverage especially out where you are camping.  Here’s a link to the current ad from Bell

Bell Unlimited Data
Bell Unlimited Data
Bell Unlimited Data
Bell Unlimited Data
Bell Unlimited Data
Bell Unlimited Data
Bell Unlimited Data