The Best WIFI Repeaters & Hardware

WIFI & Repeaters

After spending many hours researching through all the wireless networking options and RV specific solutions, and thinking about all the possibilities that one might be in. Here are the best solutions to getting the best WIFI signal. Some of these options are just WIFI antennas with a repeater and some have integrated cellular services built in.

Here’s my Top 3 Selections for WIFI repeaters

For ease of use, I would recommend the WIFI Camp pro 2 from Alfa. It is a 2.4ghz solution that is easy to set up and ready to go. Alfa has been in the wifi business for a long time and they make solid solutions wifi connectivity. This is an easy solution to get going. The downside is that you may not get as much distance as it has an omnidirectional antenna and those typically have less distance.

Alfa’s WIFI Solution

This is the second version of the hardware. I’m not sure when version one came out, but the Alfa WIFI camp pro 2 long range WIFI repeater is a solid solution if you want to just buy something and get going. It is a 2.4ghz solution that as I mentioned is a Slower speed, but more distance.  This solution should work for most applications. However, if you find that you are not able to get WIFI from your free locations with the existing antenna, you could always swap out the omnidirectional antenna with a directional one, like dish antenna with a N-type adaptor.

Winegard Connect 2.0

Winegard makes satellite dishes for Rv’s and has been in this space for a long time, but recently branched out to cover internet or WIFI connectivity. The first version of the Winegard Connect was expensive and had all these antennas that made it look like a porcupine on your RV. This is the second version of this device, which is much Nicer than version one and has a protective cover that makes is more covert. Version two is less expensive than version one and comes in two models. The WF2-335 model is WIFI only, the other model is WF2-435, which has a built-in 4g card slot and you can purchase WIFI data from Winegard. Although the price for data is not the cheapest on the market.


This company also has been doing this for a long time and what they do differently is that they have an integrated approach to the Internet. If you are someone Who needs Their internet, then this is the solution for you. What WIFIRanger has done is to have WIFI and integrated Cell data services. What this means is that data is pulled from WIFI or mobile at the same time to give you more data speeds.