10 Amazing 5th Wheel With 2 Bedrooms

5th Wheels

Fifth wheels are an excellent option for a camper due to their unique ability to utilize the space available which is provided with a bi-level area that many people find more comfortable to live in. Due to the position of the hitch being higher up in the bed of your truck, you are privy to a much better turning radius as well as additional stability which will ensure less sway while towing.

10 Amazing 5th Wheel With 2 Bedrooms 1

Having two separate bedrooms is an additional perk of some 5th wheels. This could be an asset for large families who have young kids that may go to bed earlier and don’t want to be disturbed. It can also be your solution to a little more privacy during your trip. 

Here is a list of 10 5th wheels that all offer the extra comfort of 2 separate bedrooms:

Deciding On A 5th Wheel

5th wheels have their very own style of hitch which attaches to the box of your truck instead of onto the back. This is beneficial for towing and backing up your unit but is quite a bit different from other trailer hitches in that they take up quite a bit of bed space. You will also need to be cautious about any items you put in the box of your truck while towing. If anything is sticking out it may get clipped when you’re turning. 

10 Amazing 5th Wheel With 2 Bedrooms 2

If you’ve already decided a 5th wheel is a right fit for you, great! If not, I suggest checking out The Most Popular RV Types to help you make a decision.

Forest River Arctic Wolf 315TBH8

This 5th wheel has a master bedroom located upstairs on the front of the unit as well as a bunkhouse at the far rear. The master features a spacious area with a queen-sized bed. Plenty of storage space is available in the room through an overhead cabinet on either side of the bed.

There’s an end table beneath each of these and a shelf running above the length of the sleeping area. A large wardrobe/linen closet is accessible in this room as well and an area prepped for your very own television.

The bunkhouse has 3 additional beds with 2 overhead bunks on each side. One of these is over top of a fold-down sofa. One of these beds slides out to provide more floor space while the other sits on top of a spacious wardrobe. There’s also a solid barnyard door that will slide shut to provide extra privacy and comfort.

One of the things I like about this camper is that there are also 2 bathrooms. The main one with a shower is also located upstairs and is right outside the master bedroom. The second one is just outside the door to the bunkhouse. This is great in that it provides a close facility to each bedroom thus reducing the amount of traffic for those needing to use the washroom while others are sleeping.

Some of my favorite features of this camper are:

  • Solid doors on each bedroom
  • Tons of storage space in each bedroom
  • There is a bathroom right outside of each bedroom
  • Area prepped for television in each room

Some things I don’t like are:

  • There is a door to outside right outside the bunkhouse which could wake kids who are in bed earlier
  • No slide outs in the master bedroom
  • The beds in the bunkroom are all small

A slide-out gives the area so much more room. With this missing in the master bedroom, you may find it squishy on the sides of the bed. There is, however, plenty of storage space which should help to make this more comfortable.

Jayco Eagle HT 29.5BHDS

This Eagle HT by Jayco has a large master suite at the front of the camper featuring a queen-sized bed with a wardrobe on each side. There is an additional wardrobe, dresser, and linen area which are all a part of a slide-out system to create a more spacious room.

A doorway leads you directly into the bathroom. This consists of 2 entrances so that it can be used without needing to go through the bedroom. There’s also an area ready for a television to be hooked up.

At the rear end of the trailer is another room separated from the rest of the trailer by a solid sliding door. This has another set of steps that lead up into a bunk room. The great thing about these beds is that they are both doubles in size giving you more sleeping space or the option for 2 people to fit on each. There’s also a wardrobe conveniently located beside these beds. 

Some of the features I like best about this camper are:

  • Spacious master bedroom
  • Lots of additional storage in the master bedroom with the slide-out
  • Double over double bunk beds
  • Solid sliding doors for both rooms
  • Wardrobe in each room

Some of my dislikes are:

  • No area for television in the bunkroom
  • No slide-outs in the bunkroom
  • Stairs right beside the bunk beds could pose a hazard for young children

The stairs in the bunkroom can be a good thing or a bad thing. While it is beneficial to help you reach the top bunk, it can also be hazardous for anyone climbing out of bed when it’s still dark out. If you have young children, you may want to consider the fact that they will need to go down one set of stairs and up another just to reach the washroom at night.

Forest River Sandpiper 3440BH

This 5th wheel also features a queen-sized master bed up the stairs at the front of the camper. Much like the Jayco Eagle HT I just looked at, it also has a slide-out wardrobe and linen closet as well as overhead cabinets on either side of the bed. This room is complete with an area to mount a television. The room has two doorways. One of these leads directly into the bathroom for nighttime convenience.

One of the more unique features of this camper is the bedroom at the back which is equipped with loft-style beds. Both are larger than a standard “single” sized mattress with the bottom being 60 X 74 and the top 54 X 74. Due to the style of the room, instead of having one bed directly on top of the other such as a bunk bed would be, these are instead turned so that the bottom is perpendicular to the top.

One of the benefits of this is that it allows space for a large wardrobe. This contains 3 large cupboards and 4 drawers located beside the bottom bed. There’s also a small shelf with an outlet for an alarm clock or charging for your devices beside this bed. 

This second bedroom has a solid sliding door for privacy from the rest of the camper. A second bathroom is attached to this room. It can be accessed either directly from the room or the outside of the unit. 

Some of my favorite aspects of this camper are:

  • Solid doors for privacy
  • Direct access to a washroom from each bedroom
  • Direct access to a washroom from outdoors
  • Lots of storage in each room
  • Slide-out in the master bedroom
  • TV mount in the master bedroom
  • Loft-style beds
  • The ladder to the top bed slides out of the way

Some of my dislikes are:

  • No slides in the rear bedroom
  • No TV mount in the rear bedroom

Even though there aren’t any slides in the rear bedroom, the layout still allows for a fair bit of space. While not having a tv mount in this room may not be a deal-breaker due to the one that is out in the main living space, you may want to be able to watch a movie on a rainy night as you fall asleep.

Jayco North Point 373BHOK

This 5th wheel also has the master bedroom upstairs in the front. One of the great things about this room is that the headboard on the queen-sized bed is a slide-out. This means more room to maneuver around the foot of the bed which allowed the manufacturer to install a flip-top dresser with an overhead cabinet in this spot. There are also attachments to hang a television in this area. 

The large walk-in closet in this room has an area to install a washer and dryer for those long trips. This is especially ideal for families with young children that get dirty often or for extended stays in this trailer.

The bunk room at the back of this unit is unique in that the top bunk and fold-down sofa slide out the back instead of the side like most campers would. This gives tons of floor space in the room as well as a large storage cabinet for clothes or other personal items. Inside this room is also a separate bathroom which is handy for young ones who need to get up at night to use the washroom. 

Some of the best features of this one are:

  • The master bed slides out
  • Walk-in closet in the master suite
  • Room for a washer and dryer
  • Slide-out in the bunk room
  • Separate bathroom for the bunkroom
  • Lots of storage in the bunk room
  • Room for television in both the master room and bunk room

Some of the cons are:

  • No storage or shelf above the master bed
  • The bed sliding out the back means you may need to pay closer attention to how close you park to trees and other hazards behind you

Most beds in a master room have either a shelf or cabinet overhead. This one does not which means you don`t have as much space for items you may want to keep close to you at night such as a phone or alarm clock. It does however give you more headspace so you’ll not need to worry about hunching over when you wake up so as not to bump your head on this hazard.

DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites 43 Manhattan

The 43 Manhattan has a king-sized bed in the master bedroom which is located upstairs at the front of the camper. Not only does the headboard to this bed slide out but there is also an area to hook up a washer and dryer right beside it that is attached to the same slide. There is a dresser at the foot of the bed with an area to hook up a television. Beside the bed is a walk-in closet. Right outside this bedroom is quick access to a full-sized washroom complete with a shower and linen closet. 

10 Amazing 5th Wheel With 2 Bedrooms 3

The bedroom at the back of the camper features single-sized bunk beds that slide out the side. There’s a large wardrobe in this room right beside the bed as well as one located in the back corner of the room. There are also storage drawers underneath the bottom bed. There truly is no lack of storage space in this 5th wheel! Another great aspect of this back bedroom is direct access to another full-sized bathroom complete with a second shower. 

Some of the pros for this 5th wheel are:

  • King-sized bed in the master suite
  • Washer and dryer hookups
  • 2 full bathrooms
  • Tons of storage throughout
  • Lots of floor space in both rooms

Some cons are:

  • Small beds in the bunk room
  • No TV hookups in the bunkroom

If you have small children, the small beds shouldn’t be an issue. However, older teenagers or adults may find that they are cramped without enough space to stretch out at night.

Coachmen Chaparral 29BH

This Coachmen Chaparral has a 60X80 queen-sized bed in the master bedroom. On one side of the bed is a large wardrobe while the other side contains a small nightstand. There is also a slide-out in this room that gives additional storage space in the form of another wardrobe and a linen closet. This room is already prepped with a TV mount which is right in front of the direct access to the washroom.

There’s a bunkroom at the back of the camper which contains 4 additional 30X74 beds. A small wardrobe is located here right underneath the tv mount. The room is separated from the rest of the camper by a solid hinged door for added privacy.

Some of the things I like best about this camper are:

  • Solid separation of both rooms for privacy
  • TV mounts in each room
  • Wardrobes in each room
  • Slide-out in the master bedroom
  • Direct access to the bathroom from the master bedroom
  • 4 additional beds in the bunkroom

Some of the things I’m not a fan of include:

  • No slide-out in the bunkroom
  • Need to navigate up a set of stairs to reach the bathroom
  • The TV mount in the master bedroom is located right beside the door to the bathroom which could cause a bumping hazard
  • Not a lot of space on the one side of the queen bed

The location of the TV mount in the master bedroom could cause physical harm. Due to there not being a lot of space between the wall and the bed on this site, there’s a good chance of running into the TV while trying to reach the bathroom. There could also be quite a bit more floor space in the bunkroom if the manufacturer had included at least 1, if not 2, slide-outs to bump the beds out the side.

Shasta Phoenix 360BH

The Shasta Phoenix 360BH has one of the more unique layouts among others that I’ve looked at so far. At the front of the 5th wheel is a queen-sized bed. The headboard slides out to provide more foot space where there is a dresser located. There’s a large wardrobe area beside the bed with a space set up for a washer and dryer. 

In the middle of the camper, just downstairs from the master bedroom, is double sized bunk beds. This slide-out is similar to the queen bed with the headboard pushing out to allow for more space at the foot of the bed. A sold swinging door separates this area from the rest of the camper. There are also overhead cabinets for storage on both sides of this room.

Some of the aspects I like best about this fifth wheel include:

  • Slideouts in both bedrooms
  • Lots of storage space in both bedrooms
  • Solid doors in each room
  • Both rooms are located next to the washroom
  • Area prepped for a washer and dryer

Some of the things I don’t like quite so much are:

  • Occupants of the bunk beds must go upstairs to reach the washroom, this can be a tripping hazard, especially at night
  • No area for a TV in the bunkroom
  • Not as much floor space in the bunkroom as other campers have

Depending on the occupants, they made find the bunkroom claustrophobic since the beds are so closed in. On the other hand, this could also be a good thing as young children will have less of a chance of falling out of these at night. 

Shasta Pheonix 29BH – DSO

This Shasta has a slightly different layout than the one mentioned above. The queen-sized bed is still located at the front of the camper but instead, this one has a wardrobe and linen closet that slides out the side. The bed lays against the very front with a wardrobe on one side and a nightstand on the other.

The bunk room is at the very rear end of the camper. It contains 2 sets of 30X74 beds as well as a wardrobe. The solid swinging door separates this room from the rest of the fifth wheel. 

Some pros for this fifth wheel are:

  • Slide-out wardrobe in the master bedroom
  • Solid doors separating both rooms
  • Area for television in the master bedroom
  • Area for television in the bunkroom

Some things I don’t like as much are:

  • No slides in the bunkroom
  • No as much storage/wardrobe space in the master room
  • Not a lot of space to move around the master bed

Due to the layout, one side of the queen bed has a lot more space to move than the other side does. Also, without any slides in the bunkroom, you may find the area a bit squishy, especially with 4 occupants. Even though they all have their own bed, it’s still an advantage to have more floor space so everyone isn’t tripping over each other.

Starcraft 296BHS

The area in this fifth wheel has been utilized to offer a great deal of storage space. Upfront, you’ll find the 60X80 queen-sized bed. Not only are there nightstands on each side of this bed, but there’s also a closet on each side and an overhead cabinet that runs across the length of the bed. A slide-out to the side of this adds a dresser along with a wardrobe and linen closet. 

At the rear of the unit is a bunk room. This contains one set of double over double bunk beds. There’s also a large wardrobe for you to store any clothing or personal items. This wardrobe is able to host a television on top of it.

Some pros for this camper are:

  • Slides in the master room
  • Lots of floor space in the master room
  • A fair bit of floor space in the bunkroom
  • Area for a TV in both rooms

Some of the things I don’t like are:

  • No slide outs in the bunk room
  • No washer and dryer space
  • Occupants of the bunkroom must go upstairs to reach the washroom at night which is cause a tripping hazard

With only one set of bunk beds in the rear bedroom, there is a fair bit of floor space. However, I feel that even a small slide-out could have been utilized to make this area much more comfortable.

Winnebago V3639BHL

This fifth wheel’s master bedroom contains a 60″ X 80″ queen-sized bed. On either side of this bed is a nightstand as well as a wardrobe. A slide-out allows room for extra storage space. The bathroom is easily accessible directly from this room. There’s also a linen closet here which is attached to the slide. 

10 Amazing 5th Wheel With 2 Bedrooms 4

The rear bedroom contains the second bedroom with its 54″X74″ bed. There’s tons of storage here with a wardrobe running on one side of the bed with additional space on the other side. One of the great things about this room is the direct access to a second bathroom. This eliminates the need for any nighttime wanderings. It also ensures you have more privacy.

Some of my favorite aspects of this fifth wheel include:

  • The slide in the master creates room for extra storage
  • Private entrance to the bathroom from the master bedroom
  • Separate bathroom with private entrance for the rear bedroom
  • Lots of storage space in both bedrooms
  • Area for television in both bedrooms
  • A large bed in the rear bedroom

Some of the cons include:

  • No slide-outs in the rear bedroom
  • No area for a washer and dryer
  • No overhead storage in the master bedroom

The slide-out gives space for lots of additional storage. As a result, the overhead cabinets or shelf missing from the master bedroom shouldn’t be a huge deal. Also, the nightstands provide the perfect area to charge phones or hold books meaning there isn’t much reason to need this. As an added bonus, you have more headroom without this above the bed meaning you’re less likely to hit your head on it, especially when it’s dark out.


So, as you can see, there are quite a few options for 5th wheels with 2 bedrooms. While this certainly is not all of them, it does touch on the varying features that most will offer. Some will give you more privacy with a private bathroom attached to each bedroom, while others have larger bed sizes.

Some styles may require more setup and takedown of the sleeping area. Not all of the rooms have extra space offered through a slide-out. Hopefully, this will help you in deciding which aspects are on your “must-have” list and can allow you to easily narrow down which are your favorites. Enjoy your camping trip!

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