39 Small Camper Must-Have Accessories

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No one wants to be left out in the wilderness alone. That’s why you must ensure you have all the essential accessories when planning a camping trip in your small camper.

39 Small Camper Must-Have Accessories 1

From utensils to water jugs, here are 39 small camper must-have accessories that will make your next camping trip more comfortable and enjoyable:

1. Leveling Blocks

For small campers, leveling blocks are an essential accessory. When properly placed under the tires, they can help to level the camper and prevent it from rocking back and forth. This is especially important when sleeping, as it can help to prevent you from being jolted awake. In addition, leveling blocks can also help to keep your camper level when parked on an incline. By keeping the camper level, they help to prevent potential damage that could be caused by shifting weight.

39 Small Camper Must-Have Accessories 2

2. Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocks help keep the camper in place, even in strong winds or uneven ground. Wheel chocks are typically made of wood or plastic and can be placed inside or outside the camper. When choosing wheel chocks, selecting the size and material that can withstand the camper’s weight is important. In addition, it is important to ensure that the chocks are positioned correctly before setting up the camper.

3. Toolset & Power Drill

Even if you are only planning on spending a few nights in the wilderness, you may need to fix a broken tent pole or build a fire. A small toolset with various screwdrivers, pliers, and knives can be very useful. In addition, a power drill can be handy for drilling holes in wood or quickly inflating air mattresses.

4. Drinking Water Hose

A good drinking water hose can make the difference between having enough water to last the trip and running out halfway through. Drinking water hoses come in various sizes, from small ones that can be stowed away easily to larger ones that provide more water flow. If you’re planning on doing any boondocking, it’s important to choose a drinking water hose that will work well with your fresh water tank. Some hoses are made specifically for this purpose and typically have higher flow rates and longer lifespans than standard hoses.

5. Water Pressure Gauge

A water pressure gauge is an essential accessory for any small camper. It helps to ensure that you always have enough water pressure, even when using the shower or toilet. It also allows you to keep an eye on your water usage so that you don’t run out of water while camping. The water pressure gauge is easy to use and is a great way to ensure that your small camper is always running smoothly. I wrote an article detailing water pressure regulators.

6. 30-Amp Extension Cord

This cord allows you to connect your camper to an external power source, providing the electricity you need to run lights, appliances, and other devices. In addition, a 30 amp extension cord can also be used to charge batteries and power tools. If you are camping in an area with limited electrical outlets, a 30 amp extension cord can be a lifesaver. When shopping for a 30 amp extension cord, select one that is durable and weatherproof.

7. 15 Amp To 30-Amp Adaptor

This handy little device allows you to plug your camper into a standard household outlet, giving you access to power for lights, appliances, and other electronics. It’s also great for charging batteries and keeping your camper’s fridge cold. The adaptor is easy to use and a must-have accessory for any small camper. You can read more about the different adaptors in this article.

8. Surge Protector

A surge protector is one of the most important accessories for your small camper. A surge protector is an electrical device that protects your RV from voltage spikes. These spikes can come from several sources, including lightning strikes, power line disruptions, and faulty campground wiring. While most RVs are built to withstand some voltage fluctuation, a surge protector will help ensure that a sudden spike in power does not damage your camper. In addition, a surge protector can also help to prevent electrical fires, which are all too common in RVs.

9. Sewer Hose

This simple equipment is used to empty the black water tank, which contains the sewage from the camper toilet. The hose connects to the tank and then to the sewer at the campground. Without a sewer hose, campers would have to empty their tanks, which is unpleasant and unsanitary manually.

10. Toilet Treatment

Another essential accessory for small campers is a toilet treatment system. This will help to break down waste and prevent odors from building up on your campsite. You will want to ensure that you have good toilet treatment for your small camper. Depending on where you camp, a dump station may not be readily available.

11. RV Toilet Paper

This type of toilet paper is specifically designed for RV toilets, and it’s a good idea to keep a roll or two on hand at all times. RV toilet paper is made of stronger paper than standard toilet paper, and it’s often treated with a special coating that helps it break down more quickly in septic systems. As a result, RV toilet paper is less likely to clog your toilet and cause problems. In addition, RV toilet paper comes in handy if you need to make an emergency pit stop on the side of the road. 

12. Rubber Gloves

Most small campers don’t consider rubber gloves an essential accessory, but they can be quite handy. For one thing, they can protect your hands from dirt and grime while cleaning up around the campsite. They can also come in handy when dealing with messy or sticky foods. In a pinch, rubber gloves can help to keep your hands warm in cold weather.

13. Bungie Cords

These versatile cords can be used to secure your gear to the outside of your backpack, keeping your hands free from other tasks. They can also hold a tarp for shelter or secure gear to your car’s roof. In addition, Bungie cords are often used instead of a rope for tying down tents and sleeping bags.

14. A Cooler

A cooler is essential for any camping trip. You’ll need it to keep food and drinks cold, especially in summer.

15. Camping Chairs

Camping chairs are a must for any small camper. They’re great for relaxing around the campfire or enjoying a meal outdoors.

16. Pop-Up Trash Can

A pop-up trash can is a must for any small camper. They’re perfect for keeping your campsite clean and tidy and critters away from garbage.

17. Broom & Dust Pan

A broom and dustpan are essential for keeping your small camper clean. They’re also great for sweeping out the campsite before you leave.

18. Paper Plates Or Camping Plate Ware

Paper plates or camping plate ware are a must for any small camper. They’re great for picnics and campfire meals. They’re also much easier to clean up than traditional dishes.

19. Utensils 

Utensils are a must for any small camper. You’ll need them for cooking and eating meals. A good set of camping utensils will last you many years.

20. Cooking Knives & Cutting Board

A good set of cooking knives and a cutting board are essential for any small camper. You’ll need them for preparing meals.

21. Paper Towels

Paper towels are a must for any small camper. They’re great for cleaning up spills and messes. They’re also much easier to dispose of than traditional towels.

22. Cooking Stove

A camping stove is a must for any small camper. You’ll need it for cooking meals. There are many different camping stoves available, so choose one that best suits your needs. I wrote a detailed article on how to choose the best camping stove if you want to get into the details of picking the right one for you.

23. Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron skillets are durable and heat evenly, making them ideal for cooking over a campfire. They can also be used for baking, so you can enjoy fresh-baked bread or pies while enjoying the outdoors. In addition, cast iron skillets are often less expensive than other cookware, making them a great option for budget-minded campers. 

24. Leather Gloves

In cold weather, gloves can prevent your hands from becoming so cold that they start to lose feeling. They can help avoid sunburn in hot weather and keep your hands from getting too sweaty. Leather gloves are also helpful for protecting your hands when doing chores around the campground, such as chopping wood or setting up your tent. Heat-resistant leather gloves are a must for campfire cooking and dealing with fires.

25. Firestick Poker

A firestick poker is a must-have accessory for any small camper who enjoys sitting around the campfire. It can stoke the fire, add wood, or rearrange logs. It can also be used to roast marshmallows or hot dogs.

26. Pie Irons

Pie irons are small, portable devices that can be used to cook a variety of food items over a campfire. They come in square and round shapes and can be used to make anything from grilled cheese sandwiches to fruit pies. While they are often associated with camping, pie irons can also be used for cooking at home. You can read more about pie irons here.

27. Roasting Sticks

Roasting sticks make cooking over an open fire possible, creating delicious meals sure to please even the pickiest eaters. And thanks to their compact size, roasting sticks are a great option for small campers who want to enjoy all the benefits of cooking outdoors without taking up too much space in their pack. If you want to take your outdoor cooking to the next level check out the article on the essential tools for campfire cooking.

28. Stainless Insulated Water Bottles

Stainless insulated water bottles are available in different colors, shapes, and sizes. They have many features that make them the ideal choice for small campers. For instance, they are double-walled and vacuum-sealed to keep drinks hot or cold for hours. They also have a wide mouth, making adding ice cubes or fruit slices easy. In addition, they are lightweight and durable, making them perfect for taking on hikes or long walks.

29. Mesh Tent

These tents protect from insects and other pests while allowing ventilation. They can be essential equipment for those camping in areas where mosquitoes or other insects are prevalent. In addition to protecting from biting insects, mesh tents can also help to keep campsites clean by allowing air to circulate and preventing dirt and dust from accumulating.

30. Water Jug

These jugs come in various sizes, so you can choose one that best fits your needs. In addition, many water jugs come with convenient features like built-in spigots and carry handles, making them even easier to use. 

31. Camping Rug

A camping rug can provide a comfortable place to sit or sleep and help keep your gear clean and dry. When choosing a camping rug, select one that is durable and easy to clean. Additionally, make sure that the carpet is large enough to accommodate all of your gear. 

32. USB Battery & Cords

In today’s world, it’s important to have a reliable way to charge your electronic devices. That’s where USB batteries and cords come in. These devices can charge phones, tablets, and other electronic devices. They are small and lightweight, making them perfect for camping trips.

33. Flashlights & Headlights

Flashlights and headlights are essential for small campers who want to be able to see in the dark. They can be used for various tasks, such as finding your way around the campground after dark, reading a book in your tent, or going for a late-night walk.

34. Bug Spray

Bug spray is a must-have accessory for small campers who want to enjoy the outdoors without being bothered by insects. It can be used to keep mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests away and help prevent diseases that insects transmit. 

35. First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a necessity for any small camper. It should include bandages, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers, and cold compressors. Additionally, it’s a good idea to have a list of emergency numbers, such as poison control numbers.

36. Tarps

Tarps are versatile equipment used for various tasks, such as creating shade, sheltering gear from the rain, or providing a dry place to sleep. When choosing a tarp, be sure to select one that is made from durable material, and that is large enough to cover all of your gear.

37. Paracord

Paracord is an essential piece of gear for small campers. It can be used for various tasks, such as setting up a shelter, tying gear, or creating a clothesline. Additionally, a paracord is also useful for making emergency repairs.

38. Rain Ponchos Or Rain Jackets

Rain ponchos and jackets are essential for small campers who want to stay dry during a downpour. They can also be used to create a makeshift shelter if your tent leaks.

39. Pocket Knife

A pocket knife is a versatile tool that can be used for various tasks, such as cutting rope, opening cans, or carving wood. When choosing a pocket knife, select one made from high-quality materials with a comfortable grip.

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