Which Motorhome Can Tow The Most Weight? Answered!

What motorhome Can tow the most weight

If you are seeking to tow more with a motorhome and you have had your eyes on a class A motorhome, consider a Super Class C. The Super Class C tows the most out of any motorhome on the market and has the most horsepower. The largest Super Class Cs are built on a class 8 semi chassis, the largest vehicles on the road today, towing as much as 40,000 lbs.

It is unmatched by a class A motorhome, which is built on a commercial bus chassis, which can tow about 10,000 to 15,000 lbs. Let’s have a closer look at the other motorhomes on the market and what they can tow to get a sense of the towing capacity of this motorhome.  Then let’s talk about what it is that enables super Cs to do what they can. 

The towing capacity is more often limited by the class of the hitch on the motorhome than the actual ability of the motorhome. Although I say this with some conditions, the maximum towing weight is still determined by the total GVWR, of the motorhome.

So in English, this means that if your motorhome can tow more and you add a larger class of hitch, your vehicle should be able to tow more to the maximum limit of the motor, transmission, and chassis. This does not mean that, if you put the largest hitch available on your motorhome, it will simply pull more. If you want to understand more about towing, go to this article on class c towing.  

How Much Can A Class A Motorhome Tow? 

The largest of the Class A motorhomes are often build on a commercial bus chassis with the motor at the rear with a diesel motor. The maximum capacity of any class A motorhome is 15,000 lbs. This kind of towing capacity is typically enough for a small car or trailer and a small boat, but not all of them. However, most Class A’s are not able to tow that kind of capacity. The typical towing capacity for a class A, is actually from 5,000 to 10,000 lbs.  

How Much Can A Class B Motorhome Tow?

The smallest of the motorhomes, the largest class B and B+ motorhomes towing capacity is 5000 lbs. With this, you could tow a car or a trailer, not both. Most class B’s are only able to tow about 3,500 lbs to 5000 lbs. The towing capacity of this type of motorhome is limited by the size of the motor and chassis, which is typically a commercial van. If you want to know more specifically a Class B can tow check out this article. 

The Maximum Towing Capacity Of Class C Motorhome

The typical Class C motorhome is built on either a class 3 or class 4, medium truck chassis and can typically tow about 5000 lbs, there are a few out there that can tow 8000 lbs.  This article here goes into greater detail on the towing and class C’s if you want to read about it.

The class Cs are the most popular of all motorhomes, due to the size and versatility. They make for a great cross between the spaciousness of class A and the somewhat functionality of a class B or B+. The length of Class C is typically from 20 feet to 32 feet in length, and with the addition of new full slide walls coming out in the last few years create as much space as a smaller class A.  The towing capacity certainly allows for the addition of a small car, smaller boat, or a trailer. 

So, of all the motorhomes, the class Bs and Cs tow about the same at 3500 to 5000 lbs. And Class As tows about 10,000 to 15,000 lbs. Currently, superclass Cs are typically 10,000 lbs with the maximum tow amount at 40,000 lbs, which is the most towing capacity of any RV on the market, contrary to what many people think. 

Most semi-trucks in the US haul around 80,000 lbs, but A few years ago, Volvo came out with the FH16, with ishift crawler gears, which was able to successfully tow 1,500,000 lbs. (You Read that Correctly 1.5 million lbs) You can see the towing capacity of this semi, is a preview of what’s about to come down the pipe in the next few years if you have the money for it. 

How Can A Super C Class Tow So Much Weight?

It is more than just a motor and the type of motor, it’s a combination of the motor and the transmission that is designed to be a powerhouse at all speeds. Super Class Cs start from class 5 and go all the way up to Class 8. While, a class A, is built on a commercial bus chassis, which would be equivalent to a class 4 through 6 truck chassis. The higher the class, the more the truck chassis can pull. A class 8 is the highest that one can go. 

Remember, that these heavy-duty trucks, the chassis of the super class C, have been designed as commercial work machines to move earth, and freight. So toughness is essential! As with other models of motorhomes, they are built on medium duty trucks (class b, b+, c) on down to light duty trucks. If you are wanting to know a little more about the class of trucks check out wiki for the classifications of the trucks.

Super Class C With The Highest Towing

Superclass Cs built on a heavy-duty chassis from class 5 all the way up to class 8, which is a semi-truck chassis, is designed for heavy-duty commercial work. This is one of the most expensive motorhomes on the market today, not surprising at the quality of the work going into manufacturing them. You can read more about them here.

Currently, the highest towing capacity that I have seen is from a small company named Showhauler, that make custom super c class motorcoaches. I have a list of the top super class Cs here if you want to get a summary of the top ones on the market. Either way, you are going to get a towing capacity of at least 10,000 lbs. 


There you have it, the current model that is on the market has a current towing capacity of 40,000 lbs, but in the future, that could be more, but what would you tow with that much power anyways? Are you planning on bringing along your house that you live in now, along with your boat, another trailer. How much is enough? 

WelI guess, for some it’s not a matter if I can, but if you can then I want to try it out. Either Way, for most people 40,000 towing capacity is plenty enough for almost anything you can imagine you want to bring along traveling. Just ,my thoughts. I’d like to hear what you have to say about this. 

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